“Through ‘Drone Didi Scheme’, train women to use drones for spraying fertilisers”: Amit Shah

Gandhinagar (Gujarat): Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday emphasized that people should take advantage of the ‘Drone Didi Scheme’, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to train women to use drones for spraying fertilizers in their fields.

Speaking at the ‘Sahkar Se Samriddhi’ programme on the occasion of the 102nd International Cooperative Day on Saturday, Shah praised the Gujarat government’s decision to give a 50 per cent subsidy to farmers on Nano Urea and Nano DAP.

“The Gujarat CM has taken a very important decision concerning nano urea. A subsidy of 50 per cent has been given on nano urea and nano-DAP. I want to appeal to the farmers that after sprinkling nano urea on your crops, you do not need to sprinkle the granular urea. This will cause harm to your crops and soil. Liquid nano urea and liquid nano DAP are sufficient for your crop health and increased productivity… The government has reduced the prices, so please make use of them,” he said.

“PM Narendra Modi has launched the ‘Drone Didi Scheme’, so please train women to use drones for spraying fertilisers,” Shah added.

The Home Minister further added that for many years, the cooperative sector had a demand for a separate ministry but Congress did not feel the need to do so.

“PM Narendra Modi initiated an independent cooperation ministry on this day. For many years, the cooperative sector had a demand for a separate ministry, but Congress did not feel the need to do so. PM Narendra Modi understood the needs of the cooperative sector and formed an independent ministry for it. I appeal for a huge round of applause for the Prime Minister,” Amit Shah said.

He emphasized that the traditional use of both liquid and solid urea has detrimental effects on soil quality and human health. By switching to Nano Urea and Nano DAP, farmers can mitigate these adverse impacts and promote healthier farming practices.

The minister also pointed out that two brands, Bharat Organic and Amul, are at the forefront of this initiative, offering 100 per cent organic products. Utilising global technology, these brands aim to revolutionise organic farming in India.

To further strengthen the cooperative sector, Shah called on NABARD and cooperative banks nationwide to open accounts for district cooperative banks and milk production committees. This move aims to enhance financial efficiency and save money within the cooperative framework.

The Gujarat government’s subsidy on Nano Urea and Nano DAP aims to enhance agricultural sustainability, offering farmers the tools and support they need to adopt healthier and more productive farming practices. (ANI)



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