Tiruchy: Farmers urge to release water from Mettur dam till Feb 15

Tiruchy: PR Pandian, the president of the Coordination Committee of All Farmers Association, urged the release of water from the Mettur dam until February 15 to rescue the withering paddy crop, reported DtNext.

Speaking at Mannargudi on Monday, Pandian emphasized the challenges faced by farmers cultivating paddy and sugarcane and called for the state to provide a Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Rs 3,500 per quintal for paddy and Rs 5,000 per tonne for sugarcane. Additionally, he proposed the inclusion of coconuts in the Pongal package.

Highlighting that the previous AIADMK government had waived a crop loan amounting to Rs 12,500 crore, Pandian expressed concern that the deposited Rs 1,200 crore by farmers had not been disbursed. He demanded the immediate release of these funds, warning of a potential protest if the matter remains unaddressed.

Farmers, who cultivated samba and thalady across more than 15 lakh acres, had anticipated timely monsoon rains. However, due to insufficient rainfall in the Delta region, Pandian stressed the necessity for the state to take prompt measures in releasing water from the Mettur dam until February 15 to rescue the jeopardized crops.


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