To assist sugarcane farming in Thailand IBM & NSTDA to establish AI


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To ameliorate the yield of sugarcane in Thailand, the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) has announced two-year research collaboration with IBM.

According to Geospatial World, Mitr Phol, the world’s third-largest sugar producer and the largest in Asia, will support NSTDA and IBM, to pilot an AI to enable experts to get through insights on crop health, soil moisture, pest and disease infestation risk, expected yield, and commercial cane sugar (CCS) index by leveraging the world’s most accurate weather data from The Weather Company and industry-leading AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics capabilities. These technologies would integrate intelligent geospatial-temporal data (such as multispectral crop images captured by multiple satellites, soil data and digital elevation) and agronomic data (crop health, soil moisture level, pest/disease risk forecast, yield and commercial cane sugar index) with precise forecasts models from The Weather Company.

This data is then combined with local sensing technology customized and enhanced for sugarcane farming in Thailand by NSTDA, and rich agronomic domain knowledge from Mitr Phol to provide actionable insights on water and nutrient stress, pest and disease risk, and agriculture production yield and crop quality index

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