To ensure additional income to sugarcane farmers, the intercropping with sugarcane is being encouraged

Lucknow: To double the income of sugarcane farmers, in the state, the farmers are being encouraged to adopt intercropping of pulses, oilseeds, vegetables etc. with sugarcane. The intercropping reduces the cost of production in cane and helps in maintaining the soil fertility. The intercropping of oilseeds, pulses and vegetables etc. as per the local market demand add a substantial amount in the income of sugarcane farmers.

Commissioner, cane and sugar, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy, in his visit of Western Uttar Pradesh inspected different fields of progressive farmers adopting intercropping, drip irrigation and Trench planting etc. Farmers shared their experiences with him. Commissioner, Cane & Sugar apprised the farmers, of the benefit of intercropping, drip irrigation and trench planting and appealed to the farmers to adopt these practices to increase their income. Shri Bhoosreddy told the farmers,that intercropping and drip irrigation is a better way to earn more income per unit of land. On the basis of local market demand and profitability of the crops the farmers May select pulses, oilseed cereals, vegetable etc. as intercrop with sugarcane so that they can easily market their produce and get additional profits. In the social foresty system also, good yields of sugarcane may be obtained. The farmers are advised not to choose those crops which do not have a local market, he also appealed to farmers not to sow those genetically modified crops, which are not approved by government of India.


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