To facilitate the small cane farmers amendments has been made in satta policy


Lucknow: Commissioner Cane and sugar,  Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy, told that to facilitate small cane farmers in supplying their sugar cane to Sugar Mills, some changes has been made in Satta Policy 2019-20 for increasing the basic quota of farmers, keeping in view the cane requirement of sugar mills.

While giving detailed information about the amendments made in the Satta policy Bhoosreddy said that in case the total Satta of the farmers of the sugar mills area is less then the sugarcane requirement of the Sugar Mills then the difference between requirement and total Satta will be met by additional bonding. In order to meet this differential requirement firstly farmer’s whose bonded quantity is less then the last years average cane supply per hectare of the sugar mill then those farmer’s will be given the benefit of additional bonding equal to the last year’s average cane supply per hectare subject to the maximum of 85% of their yield.

He also said that if the differential requirement is met from the additional bonding of such farmers then it will be implemented in same way but if the additional Bond quantity is more then the differential requirement then their additional bonded quantity will be reduced as per the principle of pro rata. In case, the differential requirement of sugar mill is not met by additional bonding of such farmers then the rest requirement will be met by additional bonding of rest of the farmers and in that case also principle of pro rata will apply.

Commissioner cane and sugar informed that with this change made in the interest of sugarcane farmers, farmers will get more cane supply facility per hectare and in particular small sugarcane farmers will be able to supply their sugarcane to the mills in time. Cane cultivated through Drip irrigation will be given priority in additional bonding and cane of rejected varieties will not be considered for additional bonding.

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  1. How to make bond. I am a new farmer of sugar cane. Kindly update the bond policy.
    Manvendra Singh
    Village post Pairai
    District Aliharh
    Uttar Pradesh


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