Top-borer attacks sugarcane crops in Haryana

Karnal, Haryana: Sugarcane crops in Haryana are attacked by the pest identified as the top-borer causing loss to the cane farmers.

According to the news report published in Hindustan Times, the pest has infected crops grown in Yamunanagar, Karnal and Kurukshetra districts and farmers are spending on pesticides to lower the infection.

The agricultural experts state that the top-borer and pokka boeing are two major diseases that are attacking the Co 0238 variety which is 40 per cent of the total cane grown in the state. This may lead to the loss of 20-30 per cent yield, they said.

However, the Co 118 and CoH 160 varieties are resistant to these diseases. And as of now, no major impact can be seen on these varieties.

As per the Hindustan Times report, experts said top-borer is harmful for the sugarcane crop as it completes five generations or broods in a year. It remains active from February to October and damages growth of the cane crop.

Rajinder Kaushik, deputy general manager, Saraswati Sugar Mill in Yamunanagar said, “These diseases have impacted the crop yield. The long dry spell in June and July may be the reason behind the rise of the pest. He has advised farmers to use Carbofuran -3g to control the pest attack.”

Dr Mehar Chand, a sugarcane expert and member secretary of Haryana Kisan Ayog said, “At this stage when the crop is grown six feet it is very difficult to protect the crop. We have recommended farmers to use Carbofuran to control the multiplication cycle.”

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