Transport association seeks health insurance cover to each truck driver


New Delhi: The government is working hard to stop the spread of coronavirus. And to prevent its infection, the government has also taken important steps like lockdown. Meanwhile, the government is also ensuring the smooth movement of vehicles, who are plying on roads for the supply of essential commodities.

With the lockdown in the country, there is a decline in the movement of the trucks across the state-borders. According to the Financial Express, All India Transport Welfare Association (AITWA) said only 10% (1.5 lakh) of the total trucks in the country operating on the road. And AITWA also demanded that the government should offer health insurance of Rs 50 lakh to each driver to encourage them to continue the operations among Covid-19 outbreak.

Demanding the hassle-free movement of trucks, AITWA joint secretary Abhishek Gupta said, “The government has announced the guidelines for smooth movement of trucks carrying essential commodities, but these haven’t really been implemented in most areas.”


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