Transport Ministry Discards Commercial Permit Requirement For Electric And Ethanol Run Vehicles


In its latest attempt to boost electric vehicles in the country, the Transport Ministry has exempted commercial electric vehicles and those running on alternative fuels like ethanol or methanol from the requirement of commercial permits from state transport authorities.

This will not only boost the sales and use of electric vehicles in the country but also act as a blow to the corruption at the Regional Transport Offices (RTO). Another big plus that the ministry eyes is a reduced dependence on imported crude oil. Vehicles running on alternative fuels also have a huge potential of bringing down the pollution levels in India.

As per officials, the exemption from permit would not mean a getaway from other mandates, like valid registration, passenger insurance cover, pollution under control (PUC) certificate for ethanol and methanol vehicles and other such conditions in place.

Ministry has also assigned special number plates for electric vehicles, with the non-commercial ones having a green plate with white numbers and letters, while the commercial ones using yellow numbers and letters on a similar green plate.


SOURCEIndia Times


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