Transporters protest against rising fuel prices

New Delhi [India], June 28 (ANI): Against the backdrop of rising fuel prices and increasing inflation, the All India Motor Transport Congress and Delhi Goods Transport Association (DGTA) on Monday observed a ‘black day’ protest by carrying goods on cycle rickshaws in Delhi’s Gokhale Market.

According to DGTA President, Parmeet Singh Goldie due to the increase in the price of diesel and petrol, it has become difficult for transporters to survive.

“There are 200 million people connected with the transport business in the country if this situation prevails, then we will have to transport goods in the same way by rickshaw. Our demand is that the prices of diesel petrol should be controlled,” said Goldie.

“The E-way bill had a radius of 100 kilometres earlier which has been increased to 200 kilometres, which is becoming the cause of corruption. Interest is being charged on the bank loan moratoria received. Due to which even vehicle owners are compelled to borrow cars for a ride. Unemployment is at its peak,” he added.

Goldie also said that the association will give a memorandum to the government and if the government does not accept their demands, then soon the association will take resort to drastic steps and may even call for a indefinite countrywide strike.

Another transporter, Praveen Kumar, who was protesting said, “The government is increasing the prices of petrol and diesel unreasonably. The moratorium is not increased, interest is also being charged on compound interest. Today the situation is such that the drivers are at a loss, whether they are driving or not.”

Petrol and diesel prices have witnessed a surge in the national capital and stood at Rs 98.11 per litre and Rs 88.65 per litre, respectively on Saturday.

As compared to Friday, petrol and diesel have become costlier by 35 paise per litre. Residents of Delhi say that they are facing hardship as fuel prices have increased again. (ANI)



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