Transporters upset as Amba ghat shut for heavy vehicles


Kolhapur: Transporation of sugar from Jaygad port in Ratnagiri district has been affected as the road connecting the port and Kolhapur district is shut for heavy vehicles after the road became weak due to landslides and cave-ins during monsoon.

According to the news report published in The Times of India, around 5 lakh tonnes of sugar is exported from the port annually and sugar from Maharashtra and Karnataka arrives at the port daily through Amba ghat.

The transporters claim that they are facing huge losses as repair work is ongoing at a slow speed. Also, they have to choose the alternative route, which increases the travel distance.

The Times of India has reported that sugar exporter Omkar Patil said, “As vehicles have to choose a lengthy route to reach Jaygad port, it increases time and money. This delays the sugar lifting from mills causing loss to millers, traders and transporters.”



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