Trial run of Chhattisgarh’s first ethanol plant on May 21

Kawardha, Chhattisgarh: The trail run of the first-ever ethanol plant set up in Ramhepur village of Kabirdham district will be done on May 21, reports Bhaskar.

The plant will start operations on June 20 and produce ethanol for commercial use.

The plant has been set up on 35 acres of land behind the Bhoramdev sugar mill. The capacity of the plant is 80 klpd.

This is the first-ever plant in the country that will be set through the PPP model and it will use B-heavy molasses to produce ethanol. Around 300 litres of ethanol is produced using 1 tonne of B-heavy molasses. The Bhoramdev sugar mill produces 17,000 tonnes of molasses after crushing cane and it can be used for ethanol production.


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