TruAlt Bioenergy to invest Rs 600 crore for setting up plants

Mumbai: TruAlt Bioenergy, one of the prominent players in the biofuel sector, is gearing up for a significant expansion, aiming to increase its capacity by 2.7 lakh liters per day in the next fiscal year, reported PTI.

The Bengaluru-based company plans to invest around Rs 600 crore to establish 10 additional plants, bringing the total to 15. The expansion will focus on locations in Bijapur, Karnataka, and Pune, with the expectation of commissioning these plants in the upcoming fiscal year.

TruAlt Bioenergy, under the leadership of founder and managing director Vijay Nirani, specializes in various biofuels, including 1G ethanol, 2G ethanol, compressed biogas, sustainable aviation fuel, fermented organic manure, and green hydrogen. Currently operating five 1G ethanol units with a daily capacity of 2 million liters, it holds the position of the country’s largest ethanol producer. Additionally, its compressed biogas capacity stands at 10 tonnes per day.

“We are planning to augment our biofuel capacity by 2.7 lakh tonne per day. We will set up 10 more plants, taking our total to 15 and we envisage around Rs 600 crore investment towards this and these plants will come up in Bijapur in Karnataka and Pune and should be commissioned next fiscal,” Nirani was quoted as saying by PTI.


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