Uganda: Kinyara experiences lower-than-expected industrial sugar demand

A year after President Museveni commissioned its manufacturing plant, Masindi Kinyara Sugar Works has stated that it has experienced lower-than-expected sugar demand for industrial suga, reports Monitor.

Ramlingham Ravi, Managing Director of the company said, “There are no buyers for our stock.”

The company has increased its sugar production capacity from 60,000 tonnes to 75,000 tonnes annually, despite lower demand.

According to Uganda Sugar Manufacturers Association, GM Sugar is also producing 13,000 tonnes of sugar and Mayuge Sugar would add additional 30,000 tonnes of sugar.

As per the media report, inconsistency in quality, low-volume production, and high prices have forced buyers to depend on imports.

Paddy Mulamirah, Chief Executive, of Crown Beverages, said “Last year the demand for industrial sugar reached 1,30,000 tonnes but only 35,000 tonnes was available for off-takers.

Wilberforce Mubiru, general secretary of, the Uganda Sugar Manufacturers Association said, “The sugar manufacturers in Uganda use the same machines for white sugar production as that of the foreign producers and the quality is the same. The cost of sugar has been increased due to the high cost of cane.”


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