Uganda: Shortage of cane leads to closure of sugar mill

Amuru: Inadequate supply of sugarcane has led to the closure of the Atiak sugar mill in the Amuru district.

The sugar mill began operations in 2020 to produce brown sugar using cane from Amuru and Lamwo districts but has to close operations temporarily due to a lack of sugarcane.

Dr Amina Hersi Moghe, the Chief Executive Officer of Horyal Investments Holding Company Ltd, confirmed the development stating that the situation is temporary.

She said that 300,000 tonnes of cane was available for crushing but it was destroyed due to some reasons.

“The factory will resume operation once the came from Ayuu Alali plantation in Palabek Kal sub-county, Lamwo district matures between July and August this year,” Moghe further added.


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