Uganda sugar industry struggling after Kenya bans sugar import


The problems of sugarcane farmers in the Busoga region of Uganda continue to increase as the prices of cane have fallen from Shs1,04,000 to Shs99, 000 in a week. They are demanding that the government should intervene to keep a check on the falling prices as they are unable to cope with the reduced cane prices.

The millers had in mid-July reduced the prices of sugarcane from Shs1,10, 000 to Shs104, 000.

Godfrey Naitema, spokesperson, the Busoga Sugarcaneout Growers Association said, “ The millers are paying less to the cane farmers citing that the sugar sales have been lowered due to the export ban on sugar imposed by the government. The government should intervene else the industry would collapse.”

Millers used to export sugar to East African countries but most countries such as Rwanda have banned it. Kenya, which was a market for both cane and sugar, also closed importation.

“Reducing prices of sugarcane is not the solution over surplus production. The government should instead buy and stock excess sugar to maintain the sugar industry like other countries do. If not, we shall stop supplying cane to millers because we are operating at a loss.” he further added.

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