Ugandan government invests in modernizing Atiak sugar factory

The Ugandan government, operating through its investment entity, the Uganda Development Corporation (UDC), has injected funds into the Atiak Sugar Factory situated in Amuru district, reported

A substantial amount of Shs 108 billion has been allocated to procure state-of-the-art equipment, to fully automate the factory’s extensive sugarcane plantation and position it as a premier sugar producer within the region.

During a recent inspection visit, Dr. Patrick Birungi, Executive Director of UDC, reiterated the government’s dedication to the project while assessing the newly arrived machinery and the factory’s overall condition. “To significantly enhance production, we’ve acquired a variety of brand-new equipment,” Dr. Birungi stated.

This equipment roster encompasses tractors, heavy-duty haulage trucks, bulldozers for land management, and advanced irrigation systems sourced directly from manufacturers in Holland and China, Dr. Birungi disclosed.

The project is making steady progress, with 70% of the equipment already on-site, and the remaining 30% anticipated to arrive by November. Dr. Birungi further detailed ongoing initiatives to enhance the plantation’s layout, facilitating streamlined sugarcane planting and farm management.

“Our overarching objective is to achieve comprehensive mechanization throughout the process,” Dr. Birungi emphasized.

He highlighted ongoing training programs to ensure staff proficiency in operating and maintaining the new equipment. Beyond enhancing planting and harvesting efficiency, the project addresses a crucial concern – fire prevention. Dr. Birungi outlined the allocation of funds towards procuring four fire trucks tailored for combating outbreaks that historically inflicted significant damage on the sugarcane plantation.

“To ensure consistent water supply for irrigation, we’re also constructing dams on the property,” Dr. Birungi noted. “With this new mechanization, we aim to expand our landholding from 10,000 hectares to 20,000 hectares.”

Furthermore, plans are in place to upgrade the Atiak Sugar Factory itself, aiming to boost its sugarcane crushing capacity from the current 1,600 tonnes per day to an impressive 4,000 tonnes.


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