Ugandan President encourages support for Atiak sugar factory

President Yoweri Museveni has told political leaders not to block the progress of the Atiak Sugar Factory. The government owns 40% of this factory, located in Amuru district.

It was opened in October 2020 and can produce 66,000 metric tonnes of sugar each year. Financial problems started when Crane Bank closed in 2017. The government stepped in to help, increasing its ownership to help with debts.

In 2018, the Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) acquired a 10.1% share worth 20 billion Shillings. An additional investment of 45 billion Shillings in July of the same year increased the government’s ownership to 32%. Further investment of 24 billion Shillings in April 2019 raised the government’s stake to 40%. Atiak has halted sugar production until July 2025 to establish sustainable sugarcane cultivation.

Museveni urged political leaders to refrain from misleading the public, emphasizing the benefits of the Atiak project for the region. He discouraged opportunistic behaviour and vowed to counter any disruptions. He advocated for mechanized sugarcane cultivation and encouraged regional MPs to support commercial agriculture.

Amina Hersi Moghe, Horya’s CEO, highlighted the shift to mechanized cane farming and ongoing infrastructure development for irrigation, aiming to reduce harvest time. Norbert Mao, Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, stressed the importance of Atiak Sugar for community prosperity, likening it to successful long-term investments like Toyota in Japan.


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