Ukraine has enough sugar reserves for 1.5 years: Minister

Amid the ongoing war with Russia, Ukraine’s government has claimed that there is enough sugar reserves for 1.5 years in the country.

Recently, the Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Taras Vysotsky, announced that Ukraine has enough sugar reserves for 1.5 years, sunflower oil for 5 years and corn for 2 years.

The agricultural season is about to start but the farmers are unable to start farming activities due to heavy shelling from the Russian side. This is expected to create a foodgrain shortage in the country.

Ivan Kilgan, head of the regional Agricultural Association said, the agricultural activities are picking up at a slow pace and Ukraine will once again emerge as a food supplier to the world.

Amid the risk of food shortages due to the ongoing conflict with Russia, Ukraine had already suspended exports of some food products including meat, oats and sugar.

Media reports said that several countries are concerned about the inevitable shortage of grain as Russia and Ukraine together account for 30 per cent of global wheat exports.



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