Ukraine may witness sugar shortage


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According to the press service of the Ukrtsukor national association of sugar producers, In 2019, the harvest and quality of sugar beets in Ukraine will be lower than expected because of extra moisture of upper layers of soil and high air humidity caused by heavy rains.

As per the association, due to moisture soils, sugar beet gets affected which influence its level of sugar, and also heavy rains are washing out nitrogen from the soil, as a result of which the growth and development of sugar beet deteriorates,

“Taking into account all the factors, we can anticipate that the sugar content and yield will be lower than the expected level, which, in turn, will affect the production of sugar. This year we will be able to get within 1.1 to 1.2 million tonnes of sugar. This volume can create a certain scarcity in the market,” the association said.


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