Ukraine’s sugar producer company Astarta completes sugar beet sowing at 33,000 hectares

Kyiv: Astarta, a major sugar producer in Ukraine, has completed sugar beet sowing in 33,000 hectares, almost the same acreage it sowed in the preceding season, said the company on Monday, reports Reuters.

The company in 2021 had sowed sugar beet on 33,500 hectares covering about 15% of the overall beet sowing area in the country.

Vadym Skrypnyk, director for agricultural production and storage, said, “We should continue agricultural production during wartime and ensure to maintain the past production.”

In 2021 the company had produced 266,000 tonnes of white sugar by processing 1.8 million tonnes of sugar beet.

The production was more compared to 2020 when the company had produced 226,000 tonnes of white sugar by processing 1.5 million tonnes of sugar beet.

According to the agriculture ministry, the farmers had sown 181,400 hectares of sugar beet till May 12 as against 224,700 hectares during the same period last season.


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