Union government curbed import of sugar and eased sugar exports to benefit sugarcane farmers: PM



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Kalaburgi, Karnataka, Feb 7 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi came down heavily against the coalition government in Karnataka saying that it was anti-farmer and its loan waiver was nothing but ‘pulling the wool’ over farmers eyes. But NDA government had lined up a foolproof scheme to benefit farmers who would get their due credited directly into their bank account and corruption had no place. ’’This is the reason the leaders running the Karnataka government are worried. They do not hesitate even to loot Rs 2 or Rs 5 that is due to the farmers,” he said.

Reeling out the benefits the union government had offered to the farmers, Mr Modi said to benefit sugarcane farmers the union government was giving Rs 14 for every quintal of sugar manufactured in the country and had curbed import of sugar and eased sugar exports.

Modi today said he had become a fearless person to fight against terrorists and against deep rooted corruption regim left behind by the Congress and its allies and this strength was given by the 125 crore people of India.

Speaking at a largely attended public rally ahead of Lok Sabha elections at N V Grounds in this North Karnataka city, he said, ‘’Modi will not fear anybody. The Congress leaders want to kill him, But he is not worried. He is here to fight against terrorists from Pakistan, do everything for the poor people and root out corruption. But Congress party is trying to cobble a weak alliance to weaken the country and provide a fragile government. People should defeat such forces’’.

His comments comes in the wake of Congress leader Belur Gopalakrishna allegedly saying in a function two days ago that ‘will you shoot Modi who is Prime Minister as you have shot Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi’s photo’ which attracted severe condemnation.

Mr Modi said after 30 years of Congress rule India had suffered in the global standing but his NDA government had ensured that the country got its due and reach among the top nations.

In a indirect reference to Rahul Gandhi and Devegowda family, with Congress and JD(S) forming the coalition government in the country to reject family politics as those persons were worried that BJP had given a strong government and sent them to virtual oblivion. This was the reason Congress was worried and opposed to strong government at the Centre, he said.

‘’Parties headed by Congress are getting united to see the back of Modi, while I am uniting the nation to fight against terrorism and poverty,’’ he said.

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