Unseasonal rain damages wheat lying in open at Ambala grain market

Ambala(Haryana) [India], April 20 (ANI): Unseasonal rainfall damaged a large quantity of wheat lying in the open at Ambala grain market on Wednesday.

The farmers and staff there tried to save the grain by covering it with tarpaulin, but were not fully successful.

It has yet to be ascertained how much grain has been damaged in Wednesday’s rain. There have been many instances of seasonal rain in Ambala recently that damaged the standing wheat crops there.

Unseasonal rains have become the constant enemy of the farmers in Ambala. Last month, there a strong wind and rain damaged wheat crops when it was about to be harvested. It is calculated that about 60 acres of wheat crops were fully damaged in the rain.

Not just in Ambala but across Punjab and parts of Haryana saw crope losses due to the strong wind and rain last month. In that thunderstorm and high-velocity rain wheat crops flattened incurring heavy losses to the farmers. Since Haryana and Punjab are major wheat-producing states, losses there would impact prices elsewhere. (ANI)



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