UP government seeks support of sugar mills to generate oxygen for community health centres


The Uttar Pradesh government has urged 120 sugar mills in the state to support the government by setting up oxygen generators to meet its shortage for treating patients infected with the coronavirus.

These oxygen generators will capture the atmospheric oxygen and convert it into medical grade oxygen through high pressure and supply it directly to the pipelines of the community health centres (CHC) in these districts.

According to the news report published in financialexpress.com, Sanjay Bhoosreddy, ACS Cane development and Excise said, “We have asked sugar mills to set up an oxygen generator plants to provide oxygen to 50-bedded CHCs or district hospitals where Covid patients are being treated. Also, we are also looking at various other issues such as power pack.”

“Since there are 120 sugar mills in the state, we are looking at setting up 120 oxygen plants. The oxygen generated by the oxygen generators will be directly supplied to the pipelines of these hospitals,” he said.


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