UP government to provide sugar with ration at subsidised rate

Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh government has decided to distribute sugar at a subsidized rate to the people through ration depo along with the wheat and rice.

In the first phase, the government will provide 1 kg sugar per month to every Antyodaya cardholder at a subsidized rate.

According to the media report, In Aligarh division, around 96204 Antyodaya cardholders will get the benefit of this scheme which includes 24596 cardholders from Aligarh district, 27164 from Etah, 27593 from Kasgunj and 16851 from Hathras.

A letter has been issued by the Commissioner of Food and Logistics Department instructing to distribute one kilo of sugar per month to all Antyodaya cardholders. The distribution of sugar will start in October.

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