UP: Minister asks to file FIR against sugar mills if they fail to clear cane dues

Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh: The Uttar Pradesh government is taking a strict stance on the pending payments to sugarcane farmers. The government is ensuring that sugar mills settle their dues to farmers as soon as possible.

According to a report published by ETV Bharat, on Friday, Excise Minister Nitin Agarwal directed officials to file FIRs against sugar mills that fail to make timely payments to sugarcane farmers.

He has said that the district administration should review and ensure prompt payment to the sugarcane farmers. If the sugar mills still do not make the payments, FIRs should be filed against them. Reviewing developmental works being carried out in the district by the NITI Aayog and flood prevention measures, the minister has stressed that the departments concerned should review and prepare for the coming flood season in advance.


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