Uttar Pradesh takes step to completely eradicate evil practice of under weighment in this crushing season

Lucknow: Commissioner, Cane & Sugar Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy issued orders to allot nine-digit unique codes to mill and society weighing clerks to be deployed for weighing work at cane purchasing centers. In compliance with this, the sugar mills have been informed by the Regional authorities by allocating a unique code to the weighing clerks holding the license of the respective sugar mills. In this sequence, It has also been decided to make fortnightly transfers of weighing clerks through ERP system.

For the first time, to completely eradicate the evil practice of under weighment, transfer of weighing clerk is being done randomly through ERP. Transfers will be done in such a way so that no weighing clerk will get posting on a particular purchase Centre more than once during crushing session. Each weighing clerk will compulsorily wear a photo id card in his neck. The photo ID card will have name, father’s name, licence number, unique ID number and name of the concerned sugar mill. Thus complete transparency in weighing system will be maintained.

Weighing clerks who transferred through ERP system must join to the concerned purchasing centre. Action will be taken against the sugar mills and weighing clerks under Sugarcane (Supply and Purchase Regulation) Act 1953 and Sugarcane (Supply and Purchase Regulation) Rules 1954, who will disregard it. This will bring transparency and reduce local pressure in deployment of weighing clerks.

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