UPSMA, World Resources Group discuss issue of micro irrigation for sustainable sugarcane

Lucknow: The World Resources Group of the World Bank and the UP Sugar Mill Association (UPSMA) convened on Wednesday held meeting to discuss the issue of micro irrigation for sustainable sugarcane under UP Pragati Agri Water Accelerator Programme., reported The Times of India.

During the meeting, both parties explored diverse perspectives and dimensions to formulate a sustainable micro-irrigation model aimed at fostering the comprehensive development and welfare of sugarcane farmers in the state.

The program aims to implement substantial interventions across more than 38 districts of the state, guided by the current prioritization criteria. The UPSMA, in a released statement, highlighted that the recently established UP Micro Irrigation Plan (UP-MIP) is anticipated to play a crucial role in monitoring and augmenting the widespread adoption of microirrigation. This, in turn, is expected to significantly enhance the incomes of small and marginal farmers in Uttar Pradesh.


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