Uttar Pradesh: BKU demands to commence crushing season at Pipraich sugar mill

Padrauna, Uttar Pradesh: The Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) on Thursday submitted two memorandum to the district magistrate of Kushinagar, reported Amar Ujala.

In the first memorandum, the BKU demanded that the Pipraich sugar mill to be opened as soon as possible. The mill is currently closed and the closure is causing problems for small and marginal farmers. The BKU said that the closure is preventing farmers from harvesting their sugarcane and planting wheat on time.

The BKU also demanded that the sugarcane allocated to the Pipraich sugar mill be sent to other sugar mills in the district.

In the second memorandum, the BKU called for action against farmers who burn crop residues and stubble. The BKU said that burning crop residues is harmful to the environment and causes air pollution.

The BKU also demanded that the government provide free agricultural equipment to farmers and purchase stubble at a minimum price.

The BKU memorandums were submitted by BKU district president Om Prakash Singh and other BKU leaders.


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