Uttar Pradesh: Campaign organised to install reflectors on sugarcane vehicles

Meerut, Uttar Pradesh: On Tuesday, the police and mill administration conducted a campaign to install reflectors on sugarcane vehicles within the Mawana mill premises. In the first phase on Tuesday, more than 80 vehicles, including tractor-trailers, buffalo carts, and trucks, transporting sugarcane were equipped with reflectors, reported Live Hindustan.

The thick fog in the region makes it challenging to operate vehicles, prompting the initiative. Consequently, on Tuesday, police officials visited the Mawana Sugar Mill premises. Officials including KK Raghav, the public relations officer of the mill, Manoj Kumar Singh, the sugarcane manager, and Jeet Pal Singh, Upendra, Sunil, and Devendra, participated in attaching reflectors to vehicles transporting sugarcane and raising awareness among farmers.


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