Cane Commissioner gives instructions to sugar mills to prepare concrete action plan for upcoming seasons


Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: A Review meeting regarding Cane Preparation and implementation of Development programms in 14 sugar mills areas having cane intensity like Kundarki, Itimaida, Rudauli, Munderwa, Haidergarh, Pratappur, Pipraich, Sathion, Ghosi, Deoband, Gangnauli, Gagalhedi, Visauli and Neoli was held yesterday in the meeting hall of the Commissioner’s office. In which all the senior officers of the Headquarter as well as the concerned Deputy Cane Commissioner, District Cane Officer, CCDA of Sugar federation and Sugar Corporation and General Managers of the sugar mills from field level have participated.

During the Review meeting, the progress of some Sugar Mills was not found satisfactory as per the targets given in the sowing session 2020-21. On which by expressing displeasure, Cane Commissioner has given instructions that a concrete action plan should be prepared by Sugar Mills for the upcoming sowing season 2021-22 and 2022-23, and by implementing the set targets of sowing of sugarcane should be met 100 %. He also directed District Cane Officers to prepare Sugar Mill wise action plan and the Regional Deputy cane commissioners should Review the Sugar Mill areas falling under their zone to ensure the fulfillment of the targets.

It was also directed by the Cane Commissioner that allotment of Seeds from headquarters level for the next two sowing years should be done, on the basis of nurseries established in the districts, seedlings prepared by women self-help groups, seedlings prepared in tissue culture labs and seedlings prepared by progressive farmers. He also directed that a micro plan should be prepared for the distribution of seeds according to the local requirement and thirst area identified in the sugar mill areas.


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