Uttar Pradesh: Farmers demand hike in sugarcane price

Bijnor: Under the leadership of Youth Pradesh President Vikas Chaudhary, activists from the Bhartiya Kisan Union (Chaduni) gathered in the Tehsil Bijnor area on Friday to express their opposition to the Uttar Pradesh government’s decision to increase the sugarcane price by Rs 20 per quintal. A memorandum addressing the Chief Minister was presented to SDM Sadar Vijayvardhan Tomar, reported Live Hindustan.

On Friday, dozens of activists from the BKU (Chaduni) gathered in Tehsil Bijnor area to protest against the 20-rupee increase per quintal in the price of sugarcane, presenting a memorandum to SDM Sadar Vijayvardhan Tomar on behalf of the Chief Minister. Vikas Chaudhary, the Youth Pradesh President of the BKU (Chaduni), stated that the government has unfairly raised sugarcane prices. Chaudhary emphasized that if the Uttar Pradesh government does not reconsider and announce the correct price for sugarcane soon, the BKU (Chaduni) will be compelled to launch a protest.

On this occasion, District President Vikas, also known as Nuri, Master Vedpal Singh Malik, Rakesh Kumar, Chhotan Singh, Mohit Kumar, Ankit Kumar, Jagesh Kumar, and several other activists were present.


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