Uttar Pradesh: Farmers intensify demand for increase in sugarcane price

Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh: Farmers in Rathana village, Uttar Pradesh, held a panchayat on Thursday to protest the state government’s failure to announce the sugarcane price for the current season, reported Live Hindustan.

In response to the government’s inaction, a decision was made to convene a larger panchayat meeting at the residence of Desh Khap Chaudhary in Badoaut on December 21. Sanju Chaudhary, addressing the gathering, accused the government of unjust treatment towards farmers, highlighting the absence of the announced sugarcane prices. Considering inflation, farmers should receive a price of Rs 400 per quintal this year. The government should ensure the settlement of farmers’ pending sugarcane payments from mill owners and expedite payment within 14 days of the ongoing session.

On December 21, a farmers’ panchayat is scheduled to take place at the residence of Desh Khap Chaudhary Surendra Singh in Badoaut. The panchayat will be chaired by Devendra Chaudhary, and Pappu Mukhiya will oversee the proceedings. Among those present at the panchayat were Raju Tomar from Sirsali, Ramkumar, Chaudhary Saheed, Gullu Pradhan, Sanju, Devpal Rana, Rammehar Tomar, Ma Pawan, Shripal, Kanwarveer, Sanjeev, Billu Mukhiya, Rajendra, Ompal, Gaurav, Sanjay Kumar, and others.


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