Uttar Pradesh: Farmers may have to pay less fine for vehicle carrying overloaded sugarcane


Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh government has decided to impose less fine to the tractor-trolleys for overloading sugarcane, fodder etc. The other vehicles found overloading will have to pay a heavy fine for the same offence.

According to the news report published in Hindustan Times, UP government has decided to give a heavy discount to them in the compounding fee to be prescribed for overloading and other offences.

As per the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Act, 2019 that came into effect from September 1 in the country, overloading attracts a hefty penalty.
A media report suggests that the proposal to revise the compounding fee for the fines for overloading by the cane carrying vehicles and other vehicles will be tabled in cabinet soon.

The government is gathering data from all the concerned departments including Transport, Home, PWD, Health and Sugarcane before sending the proposal to the cabinet for revision.

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