Uttar Pradesh: Farmers stage protest demanding hike in sugarcane price

Muzaffarnagar: Members of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (Arajnaitik) expressed their anger by setting fire to a pile of sugarcane, citing the government’s indifference to their persistent demands for higher sugarcane prices, reported The Times of India.

For the past 15 days, these workers have maintained a protest at the district collectorate, urging the government to address their concerns. Neeraj Pehalwan, the president of the organization’s Saharanpur zone, stated, “We have been sitting in protest here for 14 days, and the government is not taking care. The chief minister keeps promising rate hikes, but when will they materialize? We’ll continue the strike until the new sugarcane rate, ideally set at Rs 450 per quintal, is announced.”

Farmers are questioning the government’s position, highlighting that jaggery-making units are procuring sugarcane at Rs 400 per quintal, while sugarcane mills are paying a mere Rs 350 per quintal.

Chaudhary Udham Singh, the national secretary of the farmer organization, emphasized the BKU (A)’s unwavering commitment to farmers, warning the government against testing their resolve.


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