Uttar Pradesh: Farmers urge government to hike sugarcane prices

Lucknow : Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) has asked farmers to hold panchayats in village temples to pressure the government to accept their demands, including a law on minimum support price (MSP) guarantee, reported IANS.

Tikait highlighted the government’s unfulfilled promises, including the pledge to provide free electricity to farmers and the delay in announcing sugarcane prices, which is crucial as the sugarcane season approaches.

He cautioned the state government, warning that if farmers’ demands are not met, it could lead to a full-scale confrontation, and the public might also express its discontent in the upcoming elections.

Tikait raised concerns about the delayed increase in sugarcane prices and called for an immediate hike in sugarcane rates in the state, along with the timely settlement of dues owed to sugarcane growers.

On behalf of the BKU, a 15-point demand letter has been forwarded to the chief minister, outlining the organization’s pressing concerns and expectations.


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