Uttar Pradesh government promoting Khandasari industry


Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh government is working towards increasing the income of sugarcane farmers. With this intention, the state has simplified the process for obtaining licences for new Khandsari units, allowing entrepreneurs to get one online in just 100 hours.

Sugarcane Commissioner Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy said, “As a result of simplification of the Khandasari policy and initiation of computerized licensing system, 131 new licenses of Khandasari units have been issued, resulting in generation of 34,550 TCD’s additional crushing capacity, which is similar to the crushing capacity of about 8 sugar mills. Due to this simplified licensing system Khandasari units are being established in rural areas and new employment opportunities are generating in rural areas along with disposal of sugarcane. The rural economy has also been strengthened.”

14 women entrepreneurs have also been given licenses for Khandasari units by Sugarcane Department. For getting a new Khandsari license, online application duly completed in all respect, may be submitted on portal www.upkhandsari.in. The Department is taking decision on online application within 100 hours of submission.

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