Uttar Pradesh government to revive Pipraich sugar mill


Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Government has recommended the cost of Rs. 40089.67 lakh estimated for setting up a new sugar mill of 3500 TCD (expandable up to 5000 TCD capacity) and 18 MW co-gen plant and distillery of 60 KLPD in UP State Sugar and Cane Development Corporation Limited’s (UPSCDCL) Pipraich Sugar Mill. The UPSCDCL is an ancillary unit of The UP State Sugar Corporation Limited. Along with setting up of sugar mill and co-gen plant, in the crushing season, 2018- 19, the trial operation of the sugar mill had been conducted in April last.

During setting up of this project, an arrangement has also been made to prepare sulphur-less sugar in the sugar mill. It has estimated the revised cost to be Rs. 65,796.96 lakh for setting up new sugar mill of 5000 TCD capacity (expandable up to 7500 TCDS capacity) and co-gen plant of 27 MW, refinery-sulphur-less sugar plant and distillery plant of 120 KLPD (based on sugarcane juice and molasses) in the sugar mill situated in Pipraich of Gorakhpur district. The expenditure on this project will be given cent percent by the State Government in the form of loan.

Setting up of this project will give financial benefits and export of sugar in global market would be possible with the production of sulphur-less sugar. As many as 30,000 farmers will be benefitted with this project and about 8500 direct/ indirect job opportunities will be created.

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