Uttar Pradesh: Heavy rainfall triggers waterlogging in Moradabad

Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], September 14 (ANI): As heavy rainfall lashed several parts of Uttar Pradesh, incidents of waterlogging from various areas have come to light. In UP’s Moradabad, roads were inundated in rainwater including the main road leading to Tajpur and Sehal villages.

Speaking to ANI, one local said, “We are facing huge difficulty due to waterlogging. Vehicles are not able to move due to water congestion, we are locked inside our houses due to the waterlogging.” He added that the people of this area need good roads. “All our crops have been damaged as water has submerged our crop fields.”

Another local named Naveen Khan, who spoke on the issue, said, “Due to waterlogging, people are facing a huge difficulty. We are not able to go out of our houses, as driving a vehicle is impossible in such conditions. This is the main route and every week we face similar waterlogging issues.”

Visuals from the rainfall-affected area showed villagers using boats to commute. “The road is very low here, every day the road gets submerged. I want to request authority to mend the roads,” said another local boy.

A similar situation was reported from Moradabad’s Bholnath Colony, where the roads were submerged under 6 to 7 feet of water following heavy rainfall on Tuesday.

After visiting the rain-affected areas, Moradabad District Magistrate Manvendra Singh said that “instructions have been given to the officials to remove water,” he said, adding that “water has gone out from everywhere and the drainage system of the city is also fine except for the unauthorised colonies.”

On Sunday, the Northern Railways cancelled several trains and diverted many other trains due to waterlogged streets. Trains passing via Moradabad were also diverted to different routes. (ANI)



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