Uttar Pradesh: Hike in sugarcane price also applies to crop already supplied to mills in current season

In a significant move, the Uttar Pradesh (UP) government has increased sugarcane prices for all varieties by Rs 20 per quintal. This increase also extends to farmers who have already sold their sugarcane to sugar mills. The move is anticipated to bolster sugarcane production, particularly in the Shahjahanpur district during the 2023-2024 season, reported Amar Ujala.

With 196,000 registered sugarcane farmers in the Shahjahanpur district, spanning an area of 110,000 hectares, this season is poised to witness a surge compared to the previous season’s production covering 102,000 hectares.

The government’s decision to raise the support price from Rs 350 to Rs 370 per quintal for high-yielding varieties and from Rs 340 to Rs 360 per quintal for general varieties has been met with relief by farmers. Authorities from the sugarcane department affirm that the price hike will deter farmers from diverting sugarcane to traditional crushers, as they are expected to continue supplying sugarcane to sugar mills.

Farmers from various villages have expressed satisfaction with the government’s initiative, acknowledging the positive impact on their income. Some farmers suggest that considering the labor and input costs, the ideal price for sugarcane should be Rs 500 per quintal to ensure fair compensation.

Jitendra Kumar Mishra, the District Sugarcane Officer, assured that the increased price would discourage diversion to traditional crushers, fostering higher participation from farmers in supplying sugarcane to sugar mills.


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