Uttar Pradesh: Sugarcane clinic started to empower farmers

Amroha: Sugarcane farmers in Amroha can now access vital information related to sugarcane cultivation without the need for extensive travel. Information about sugarcane diseases, crop yields, and other relevant details can be readily available to farmers through nearby committees or at the gates of sugar mills. The Sugarcane Department has taken the initiative to open “Sugar Clinics” and “Sugarcane Investment Distribution Centers” across the district, with a total of 11 such centers now operational, reports Amar Ujala.com.

All Sugar Clinics have been made active to cater to the needs of sugarcane farmers effectively. These clinics will provide farmers with modern techniques for sugarcane cultivation and insights into improving crop health.

The district covers approximately 97,705 hectares of land dedicated to sugarcane cultivation, and the Sugarcane Department’s aim in opening these centers is to address farmers’ concerns and provide them with convenience. Farmers visiting the Sugar Clinics will receive tips to increase sugarcane production, and the clinics will be equipped with sugarcane supervisors and supervisors to help resolve farmers’ issues.

Furthermore, farmers will also receive information on soil testing, seed availability, identification of sugarcane crop diseases and symptoms, and the use of pesticides at these clinics.

The primary objective of the Sugar Clinics is to enhance sugarcane farming by offering rapid solutions to technical improvements and increasing yields, all while raising awareness among farmers in the vicinity. Farmers visiting these centers will be registered in the records to ensure they benefit from the available resources.

Under the guidance of the government, 11 Sugar Clinics have been established throughout the district. Three of these clinics are located at the entrances of the sugar mills in Dhanoura, Hasanpur, and Chandanpur, while the remaining eight clinics are situated near committees and storage facilities. As per the department’s guidelines, Sugar Clinics are manned by supervisors to aid farmers effectively.

This initiative by the government aims to provide farmers with the necessary tools and knowledge to enhance sugarcane cultivation, ultimately benefiting the agricultural sector in Amroha, said Manoj Kumar, District Sugarcane Officer, Amroha.


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