Uttar Pradesh: Moradabad farmers suffer as crops get destroyed due to heavy rainfall


Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], October 25: Amid rainfall for the last few days in Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh, the farmers say that their crops have been destroyed due to waterlogging in the field.

The harvested and cut crops of the farmers, including sugarcane, have been destroyed. Farmers along with their families engage in extracting water from the fields.

“The condition is really bad. Due to the rainfall, the entire field is flooded. The loss is huge. The crops are gone. I have taken a loan to do farming. There is nothing left now,” said a Paddy farmer told ANI.

“We have planted expensive seeds. All our cultivation is gone. We have been taking out water from the field since early morning,” said a vegetable farmer.

Parts of North India witnessed heavy rainfall for the last few days. India Meteorological Department’s senior scientist, Naresh Kumar last week said that Uttarakhand and West Uttar Pradesh will witness heavy rainfall in the coming few days.

(With inputs from ANI)



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