Uttar Pradesh: Most of sugar mills to end crushing operations till May end


Lucknow: Sugarcane crushing season in India is in the final phase as most of the sugar mills have closed their operations. In Uttar Pradesh, sugar mills are continuing cane crushing operations and most of them are expected to close by the end of this month, however, a few may continue to operate in June’ 2021. Current crushing season in the Western region of the State of UP got prolonged by a few days as most of the Gur / Khandsari units have closed their operations due to lockdown restrictions, due to which some of the cane that would have gone to them, has got diverted to the sugar mills.

According to Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), mills in the state have produced 108.70 lakh tonnes of sugar as on 15th May’ 2021, which is 13.58 lakh tonnes lower than the production of 122.28 lac tons produced by them last year on the corresponding date. Out of 120 mills operated this year, 99 mills have ended their crushing and 21 mills continue their operations, compared to 46 mills which were operating on 15th May’ 2020 last year.

In Maharashtra, 186 mills have already closed their crushing operations and 5 sugar mills are still operating.


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