Uttar Pradesh: New sugarcane variety CoS15233 reaching farmers in state

Muzaffarnagar: Scientists at the Sugarcane Research Center in Muzaffarnagar have developed a new variety of sugarcane, named CoS15233, reported Amar Ujala.

The state government has approved the cultivation of this variety across the entire state. The seeds of this variety are being distributed to farmers through the seed research center.

Under the leadership of senior scientist Dr. OS Joshia, the scientists at the Sugarcane Research Center have developed CoS15233, considered the best variety among common sugarcane types. This variety has higher sucrose content compared to the common CoS 767 variety. The sugarcane produced from this variety is thick, solid, without thorns, and has green fodder, making it beneficial for farmers. Both the production and recovery of this variety are commendable.

The state government has approved the cultivation of this variety for the entire state. Farmers interested in cultivating sugarcane from this variety will obtain seeds from the Sugarcane Research Center.

According to Dr. OS Joshia, the senior scientist leading the Sugarcane Research Center, CoS15233 is the best variety among all common sugarcane varieties developed so far. The development of this variety involved collaboration between the Sugarcane Research Centers in Muzaffarnagar and Shahjahanpur. The approval for statewide cultivation by the government is a matter of pride for us.

Dr. JP Singh, the head of the Sugarcane Research Center, stated that it is essential to continue cultivating both early and common varieties of sugarcane. While sugar mills are currently focused on early varieties, recovery is also improving in common varieties. Farmers should consider cultivating both types of sugarcane for optimal results.


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