Uttar Pradesh not to purchase cane from Uttarakhand

Roorkee: Uttar Pradesh has shown no interest in purchasing cane from the neighbouring districts of Uttarakhand. As many as 20 villages from the Uttarakhand had demanded to set up cane collection centres of the mills from Saharanpur district in their villages, but the government did not agree to their demands.

According to the reports, Iqbalpur sugar mill may not go for crushing this season, as the mill has yet not started the preperations. Also, the farmers are also not interested in sending cane to the mill. The villagers were eying for sending cane to Deoband and Gagalhedi sugar mill in Uttar Pradesh. However, the UP government has not shown any interest in purchasing cane from the neighbouring state. This has increased the problems of the farmers and are searching for mills for crushing their cane.

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