Uttar Pradesh ready to tackle locust attack on sugarcane crop


Uttar Pradesh has started preparations to tackle the possible attack of locusts (Grasshopper) on the sugarcane farms by spreading awareness among farmers.

Sanjay Bhoosreddy, Cane Commissioner to Sugar Industry & Cane Development Department of the state has issued directives to continuously survey the fields and spray insecticides immediately if find any attack. He has also appealed to the sugarcane farmers to closely monitor the locust outbreaks while visiting their fields, If Locust are seen in sugarcane crop, spray them immediately with insecticides such as chlorpyrifos 20 per cent EC, chlorpyrifos 50 per cent EC, Bundiomethrin, Fipronil, and Lambda. To ensure immediate measures for its prevention, sugarcane farmers should inform the concerned institutions of the Government of India and also inform the Cane Development Department immediately.

Regional and district officers have also been allocated targets based on the area to keep watch regularly and to visit the villages continuously to make the farmers aware and take adequate precautions to thwart the possible attack of the said insect. For this, instructions have been given to distribute pamphlets, handbills and publish pest prevention measures in daily newspapers, write pest prevention measures on the walls of all offices and warehouses and to convey information to all farmers.

Recently Union Minister Kailash Choudhary assured the farmers that the locust attacks have been brought under control now.
Choudhary had told media, “Locust attacks have been controlled. Now the situation is normal. Locusts came to India from Pakistan’s side. We have contained the locusts through modern technology.” He also emphasised that neighbouring countries have appreciated India’s efforts in tackling the locust attacks.”

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