Uttar Pradesh: Sabitgarh sugar mill clears sugarcane payment

Pahasu: The timely disbursement of payments by the Sabitgarh sugar mill until December 4 has brought smiles to the faces of sugarcane farmers. An amount of Rs 18.39 crores for sugarcane purchases has been credited to the accounts of farmers by the mill. This prompt payment from the mill ensures that farmers can address their daily needs, invest in improved seeds, procure medicines, and manage household expenses, including labor costs, reported Live Hindustan.

Group General Manager and Unit Head Pradeep Khandelwal emphasized that prioritizing timely payments to farmers will remain a continuous commitment. Dinesh Chahal, the Chief of Sugarcane, encouraged farmers to reach out to the assistance centers established within the sugarcane department for any assistance or to address concerns. The initiative is geared towards alleviating any issues faced by the farmers and ensuring a smooth and supportive process.


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