Uttar Pradesh: Steps taken to strengthen Cane Development Societies

Lucknow, 07 July 2019: As per the directions issued by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh to strengthen the democratic institutions, under the guidance of Hon’ble Cane Minister in this regard, Cane Development Department has taken effective steps to strengthen the Cane Development Societies of the State. In the Societies, the transparent budgetary system was implemented and its compliance was ensured. 33 illegally encroached properties, worth around Rs.16.00 Crore, of Societies has been freed from illegal possession. 1,266 special audit objections, pending from years for compliance has been complied with. All balance sheets of the Societies got updated. The amount of Rs.167.00 crores of cane development societies, deducted by Income Tax department as T.D.S. in previous years has been refunded to the Societies. To ensure proper utilization of assets and to increase the income of Cane Development Societies, a new rent fixation policy was issued and implemented. With the introduction of New Rental Policy, the rental income of cane development societies has increased by 2.64 times.

In crushing 2018-19, to strengthen the voice of village representative and democratic process, the right to pass the cane reservation proposal has been given to general body of society from management committee. Unpaid cane price of 104.97 crores of 92,059 cane farmers was pending with the Sugar Mills or Cane Development Societies since years. A special campaign was launched and out of above Rs.83.42 crores was paid to 63,162 farmers through their bank accounts.

Cooperative cane development societies have been financially strengthened with the above mention actions, which has resulted in an increase their liquidity. For making the transparent assessment of financial position of cane development societies the cumulative profit of year, the income from cane contribution and expenditure against the same, liability of other institutions, liability of retired employees, diversion of cane price in to their administrative expensive, recovery of old dues etc. were taken into consideration. So, after making financially viable adopting the complete transparency, the 5th pay scale has been sanctioned for 04 cane development societies lying in 4th pay scale since last 23 years. Likewise 07 cane development societies have been upgraded up to 6th pay scale from 5th pay scale for which they were waiting since last 13 years. In the same manner 43 cane development societies have been upgrated to 7th pay scale from 6th pay scale by Shree Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy, Registrar, Cane Development societies and Commissioner, Cane and Sugar, Uttar Pradesh.

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