Uttar Pradesh: Sugar industry eyes molasses export


Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh sugar industry is expecting to generate revenues by exporting molasses as there would be more crop and sugar production next season.

Countries like South Korea, Vietnam, European and West Asian countries need molasses for an industrial purpose like cattle feed and inflammable products. Since molasses is a state subject, respective governments enjoy jurisdiction on its inter-state and international movement.

According to the media report, an official of UP-based sugar mill and ethanol producer said that free movement of molasses would directly translate into more cash flow for mills.

According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), Uttar Pradesh is estimated to have sugarcane area at 22.92 lakh hectares, as against 23.21 lakh ha. in 2019-20 SS, i.e. a marginal decrease by about 1%. ISMA is expecting a marginal increase in yield as well as sugar recovery in 2020-21 SS, owing to good overall standing crop condition and continued replacement of cane variety by high yielding and high sugared cane varieties in more areas. Thus, sugar production in U.P. in 2020-21 SS is estimated to be around 123.06 lakh tonnes, which will be about 126.45 lakh tonnes (after diversion into ethanol) in the current 2019-20 SS. It is noteworthy that current year’s sugar production of the State turned out to be about 5 –6 lakh tonnes more, mainly because of much better yields as also cane diversion from Gur / Khandsari manufacturing units to sugar units, owing to premature closure of their operations due to lockdown.

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