Uttar Pradesh: Sugarcane minister directs sugar mills to ensure immediate payment of balance cane dues


On the directions of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, for speedy cane price payment, the Cane development department has adopted a strict attitude on the issue of payments of balance cane dues. In the same sequence, a sugar mill-wise review meeting was held today in the Meeting hall of Lal Bahadur Shastri Ganna Kishan Sansthaan, under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Cane Minister, Shri Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary and in the presence of the Hon’ble Minister of State for Sugarcane, Shri Sanjay Singh Gangwar. Cane price payment was reviewed with the group heads/general manager/unit heads and finance controllers of all the private, cooperative and corporation sector sugar mill groups and single units. At the beginning of the review meeting, Hon’ble Cane Minister and Hon’ble Minister of State for Sugarcane were greeted with bouquet by the officials of Sugar Mills Association.

In the review meeting, Hon’ble Cane Minister directed the sugar mills to ensure immediate payment of the balance cane dues for the crushing season 2021-22. While addressing the sugar mill representatives, Hon’ble Cane Minister said that the present Government is providing all the necessary facilities to the sugar mills for timely payment, in such a situation, the Sugar Mills will also have to pay the cane price to the farmers on priority basis. He said that the sugar mills should strictly follow the tagging order, if any mill diverts the amount of tagging, then it will not be tolerated. The cane Minister, was also directed to complete the transparent, error-free and time bound cane survey for the upcoming crushing session 2022-23.

During the review of cane price payment, he said that about 75 percent of the total due cane price has been paid so far, for the crushing season 2021-22. The sugar mills were warned in the meeting, to pay the balance cane dues. If they do not pay the cane dues promptly, an FIR will be lodged under the Section 3/7 of “Essential Commodities Act-1955” and recovery certificates will be issued for ensuring payment of outstanding sugarcane dues.

The Hon’ble Minister of State for Sugarcane, Shri Gangwar, directed the sugar mills and departmental officers to curb the under weighment and to take effective action against the chaotic elements involved in black marketing of sugarcane during the crushing season. He also directed the sugar mills located in the middle of the city to establish Cane yards away from the population and to comply with the environmental standards, so that there is no inconvenience to the general public. He said that sugar mills and cane farmers are complementary to each other and sugarcane farmers and their families are dependent on sugar mills for their economic needs, so sugar mills should always strive to improve cane price payment and other arrangements.

At the end of the review meeting, Additional Chief Secretary, Sugar Industry and cane Development Department, Shri Sanjay R. Bhoosreddy assured Hon’ble Ministers that the targets will be fulfilled by the department by making every effort according to the “Sankalp patra” of the State Government and the 100-day action plan.

In the review meeting, focused on cane price payment, the officials of the sugarcane development department along with the General Secretary of U.P. Sugar Mills Association and Chief Financial Officers and senior officers of all sugar mills were present.


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