Uttar Pradesh: Vehicles overloading sugarcane to face action


Mansoorpur: It is often seen that sugarcane is overloaded on vehicles transporting it, which is contrary to the set rules. The police are going to take action against those who violate the laws. A meeting was held between the mill officers, Mansoorpur Police and the transporters who bring sugarcane to the sugar mill. In which certain standards were set for sugarcane-bringing vehicles.

It was decided in the meeting that if more than 200 quintals of sugarcane in a small trolley, 250 quintals in a medium trolley and 300 quintals in big trolley will be found during checking, then a fine would be imposed on them.

During the meeting police station in-charge, Manoj Chahal said, “The action will be taken against trollies if fond violating norms”.

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